e-Invoice Specific Guideline Version 2.1 – Enhancing MyInvois System Performance: Limitations and Considerations for e-Invoice Submission

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Based on the comparison between the e-Invoice Specific Guideline Version 2.0 and Version 2.1, one of the key changes is Section 3.6.4, a new addition stating that to improve the MyInvois System’s performance, there are limitations on the maximum size (5MB) and number (100) of e-Invoices per submission and the maximum size per e-Invoice (300KB) for the submission of the consolidated e-Invoices.

Suppliers can split receipts into several consolidated e-Invoices to meet these requirements.

根据电子发票具体指南 2.0 版和 2.1 版的比较,其中一个主要变化是第 3.6.4 节新增加的内容,即为了提高 MyInvois 系统的性能,对每次提交的合并电子发票的最大大小(5MB)和数量(100)以及每张电子发票的最大大小(300KB)都有限制。


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