Access to the MyInvois Sandbox Test Environment is Accessible via API

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The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) informed that the MyInvois Testing Environment (Sandbox) is now accessible to enable taxpayers and service providers to conduct integration testing between systems developed by taxpayers or service providers with MyInvois via Application Programming Interface (API).

Access to the MyInvois Sandbox will be available:

  • from 10 April 2024 for pilot companies implementing e-invoices; and
  • from 22 April 2024 for other companies and service providers.

To access this sandbox, taxpayers or service providers need to apply for a Client ID and Client Secret key from IRBM via email at [email protected], providing the following information:

  1. Tax Identification Number (TIN),
  2. Business Registration Number,
  3. Company Name,
  4. Company email, and
  5. Name of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system used.

Further information regarding access to the MyInvois Sandbox can be found in the:

IRBM also wishes to inform taxpayers that the Software Development Kit (SDK) version 1.0, General Guidelines for e-Invois (Version 2.3), and Specific Guidelines for e-Invois (Version 2.1) were uploaded to the Micro e-Invois Page on the Official IRBM Portal via the link on 6 April 2024 as references and guidance 

For further inquiries regarding the SDK and MyInvois System Sandbox, taxpayers can contact the hotline at 03-8682 8000 or email [email protected].


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