Tourism Tax (TTx) Policy No. 2/2021 – Extension of Tourism Tax Exemption

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1. On 27 December 2021, The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) issued Tourism Tax Policy No. 2/2021 to provide guidance and clarification on the extension of the Tourism Tax (TTx) exemption until 31 December 2022, as revealed in the Budget 2022 speech.

2. Despite the exemption from TTx, registered accommodation operators are still required to comply with the Tourism Tax Act 2017 and the Tourism Tax Regulations 2017 by submitting the TTx-03 return per their taxable periods, as stipulated in the policy.

3. Join our Telegram – 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 1. 2021年12月27日,马来西亚皇家关税局 (RMCD) 发布了第2/2021号旅游税政策,为2022年财政预算案提呈时所透露的旅游税 (TTx) 豁免延长至2022年12月31日提供指导和澄清。

2. 尽管旅游税豁免了,但注册住宿经营者仍需遵守《2017年旅游税法令》和《2017年旅游税条例》,按照政策规定,在每个应税期 [Taxable Periods] 提交 TTx-03 报表。

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