Steps for Tax Firms to Prepare for TAeF 2.0 Transition

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The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDNM) has issued a notice informing tax agents and tax firms of the upcoming launch of the new TAeF 2.0 system in November 2023.

The enhanced Tax Agent e-Filing system aims to improve the efficiency and integration of tax e-services through the MyTax portal.

In preparation for the transition, tax agents and firm administrators need to take steps to update user details, register for digital certificates, and attend demo sessions.

The notice highlights critical features of TAeF 2.0, requirements for existing users, and opportunities for pilot testing. Tax firms are advised to make the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth changeover to the new system by the targeted rollout date.

Key highlights:

  • TAeF 2.0 login will be through the MyTax portal. Ensure all users have individual TINs and digital certificates.
    • If the user does not have a TIN (Individual), please register via e-Daftar at no later than 30 September 2023 to ensure smooth data migration in October 2023
    • For users who still failed to register the TIN and IDC, users’ data will not be migrated to TAeF 2.0
  • Only tax agents approved by the Ministry of Finance can submit e-Forms. Taxpayers to appoint agents in MyTax.
  • Tax agents can access the ledger, refund status, taxpayer’s address and instalment schedule through MyTax if given functional permission by taxpayers.
  • Modern interface, enhanced features like integration with other LHDNM systems
  • Tax firms must update user details by 31 August 2023 for data migration. Use valid NRIC/passport numbers.
  • Attend the TAeF 2.0 demo webinar in September 2023. Registration opens on 6 September 2023, limited to 1,000 pax.
  • Pilot test opportunities will be available for Klang Valley firms in October 2023. Submit details by 15 September if interested.

Please prepare your firm and users for the transition to TAeF 2.0 by the launch date. Visit the LHDNM website or email [email protected] for assistance.



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