Public Listed Companies Transformation (PLCT) Programme

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The Public Listed Companies Transformation (PLCT) Programme was introduced to raise the performance levels of Corporate Malaysia.

Bursa Malaysia is leading the initiative to enhance the “investability” of listed companies in Malaysia by improving the growth stories of public listed companies (PLCs) of all sizes.

The Honourable Finance Minister announced the launch of this programme in March 2022, and it is expected to run until 2025.

The programme seeks to improve various aspects of PLCs, including their financial position, Board composition, governance, and sustainability practices.

All PLCs can benefit from this programme regardless of their size or industry sector. The PLCT Programme is intended to provide Public Listed Companies (PLCs) access to best practices and guidance to facilitate better engagement with investors and drive desired outcomes.

The programme adopts a multifaceted approach involving information sharing through digital guidebooks, active engagement, and transparent communication.

Programme Highlights

Guide Books and Practical how-to tools

Bursa Malaysia will develop and make available five (5) guidebooks throughout 2022 based on the following key pillars:

  1. Creating Purpose & Performance-Driven PLCs
  2. Being Sustainable, Socially Responsible & Ethical PLCs
  3. Strengthening Stakeholder Management & Investor Relations
  4. Being Digitally Enabled
  5. Contributing Towards Nation Building

Each digital guidebook provided under the PLCT Programme contains a wealth of resources, including best practices, guidance, case studies, and useful tools or checklists.

These resources are intended to assist Public Listed Companies (PLCs) in their reflection process and enable them to evaluate how to best adapt and adopt the relevant best practices in their own businesses and operations.

By utilising these resources, participating PLCs can better equip themselves to drive positive changes and achieve their desired outcomes.


As part of the PLCT Programme, Public Listed Companies (PLCs) that participate in the programme will have the opportunity to engage in various initiatives to facilitate their transformation journey.

These initiatives may include online webinars, workshops, or other support from industry champions or corporate leaders.

Digital dashboard for transparency

The PLCT Programme will include a platform that showcases the progress and updates of participating Public Listed Companies (PLCs) throughout their transformation journey.

This platform will track participation and outcomes of the programme and provide inspiration to other PLCs to assess and improve their own performance.

How to participate in the PLCT Programme?

Two (2) different ways a PLC can be part of this programme exist. All participants are encouraged to inform the public about their involvement in the PLCT Programme.

1. Be a Champion

PLCs who already lead in an area or topic covered under the PLCT Programme can be part of the support ecosystem.

You can provide insights and know-how to aspiring PLCs looking to commit and improve themselves through the programme.

2. Participate and Make a Commitment

PLCs looking to strengthen and improve in any areas covered by the PLCT Programme in the spirit of continuous growth.

You are committed to putting part of the guidebook’s recommendations into action.

Incentives for participating PLCs

Public Listed Companies (PLCs) participating in the PLCT Programme will be well-positioned to strengthen their standing in Corporate Malaysia and enhance their appeal to investors.

By making commitments to achieve specific goals and objectives that align with their transformational journey, participating PLCs will demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement and progress.

This can enhance their reputation and ultimately lead to better outcomes for their business and stakeholders.

Participating PLCs will be eligible to benefit from a range of incentives, such as:

Data Insights & Information Services

One year access to Dibot’s portal that provides selected Market & Company Related Information, Investor/Custody Related/Fund Flow Information, and ESG Related Information.

Participating PLCs will have access to a range of data insights, such as analyst consensus and peer comparison reports.

Profiling Services

Utilise Bursa Malaysia’s programs and partners to obtain research support or profiling activities, such as Bursa Broadcast, Bursa Blitz, Investor Relations/Public Relations services, Research Incentive Scheme (RISE), which aims to enhance the visibility of PLCs to potential investors.

Insights Sharing

Access a range of useful sessions hosted by PLCT Programme Champions through webinars and Q&A on specific topics or best practices covered in the guidebooks.

How can your organisation participate?

PLCs and other organisations can register to be part of the programme via the following link.

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