LLP or Sdn Bhd: What Would Work Best for You? | 那个比较适合我?

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One of the thoughts that may be going through the minds of those who are considering venturing out on your own and launching your own company is the following: “Exactly what type of business should you register?



It is essential to set up your company following the primary categories of companies found in Malaysia. This is because operating an unregistered business can result in monetary penalties or even incarceration, in addition to the problem of having trouble obtaining loans from financial institutions.

Let us now look at the common types of businesses in Malaysia:-

  • A Company that has been established under the Companies Act 2016,
  • A Sole Proprietorship (An unincorporated business)
  • Conventional Partnership (An unincorporated partnership)
  • A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) that has been registered under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012



  • 根据《2016年公司法令》成立的公司;
  • 独资企业(非法人企业);
  • 传统的合伙企业(非法人合伙企业);
  • 根据《2012年有限责任合伙法令》注册的有限责任合伙公司(LLP)。

Many choices are available to us, but how can we decide which path to take?

In this article, we won’t spend much time commenting on the similarities or differences between them; we will compare and contrast the use of Sdn Bhd, a private company that is limited by shares (Sendirian Berhad) and LLP so that you can see which option is best for your business.


在这篇文章中,我们不会花太多时间评论它们之间的异同;我们将比较和对比有限责任合伙公司(LLP)及私人股份有限公司(Sdn Bhd) 的使用情况,以便你能看到哪种形式最适合你的企业。

Company’s Name | 公司的名称

Ideal For | 适合谁

No. Of Shareholders/ Partners | 股东/合伙人人数

Incorporation Costs | 注册费用

There is an apparent disparity between the costs associated with incorporating, as shown above.

The leading cause for this is that:

  • the government fee for the formation of an LLP is just RM500, but the government fee for the incorporation of a Sdn Bhd is RM1,000.
  • the process of forming an LLP is less involved than the process of forming a Sdn Bhd,; and
  • the professional fees associated with establishing an LLP are also generally lower.

如上图所示,与成立公司有关的费用,有限责任合伙公司(LLP)及私人股份有限公司(Sdn Bhd) 之间存在明显的差距。


  • 政府对组建有限责任合伙公司(LLP)的收费仅为 500 令吉,但政府对组建S私人股份有限公司(Sdn Bhd) 的收费为 1,000 令吉。
  • 组建有限责任合伙公司(LLP)的过程比组建私人股份有限公司(Sdn Bhd) 要简单,
  • 与建立有限责任合伙公司(LLP)相关的专业费用一般也较低。

Legal Document | 法律文件

If a specifically designed Constitution for a company or an LLP Agreement for a limited liability partnership (LLP) is required, since legal fees are involved, it can significantly increase the costs associated with the incorporation of the two different types of businesses.

如果需要量身定做的公司章程 [Constitution] 或有限责任合伙公司(LLP)的有限责任合伙公司协议 [LLP Agreement],由于涉及法律费用,就会大大增加这两种不同类型企业的注册成本。

SSM’s Statutory Requirements & Compliance | 公司委员会法定遵循责任

Annual Maintenance Costs | 年度费用

The audit fee for a manufacturing company with a RM 10 million turnover is approximately RM 14,000

Legal Status | 法律地位

Protection Against Liabilities | 对债务的保护

Transparency | 透明化

Tax implications | 税务事项

  • The LLP and the Sdn Bhd each file their taxes under their respective names. If specific requirements are met, LLPs and Sdn Bhds are eligible for a lower income tax rate of 17%.
  • However, LLPs, on the other hand, do not benefit from nearly as many tax incentives as Sdn Bhds, such as the Reinvestment Allowance.

Income Tax of the Shareholders / Partners | 股东/合伙人的所得税

Taxation of partners in a LLP is analogous to the taxation of shareholders in a Sdn Bhd in that neither is taxed on distributions of profits received from the LLP or dividends received from the Sdn Bhd.

However, the remuneration of LLP partners or shareholders, such as salary and bonuses, if the LLP or Sdn Bhd employs them, is taxed in the same manner as that of an ordinary employee.

It is important to remember that the LLP agreement needs to include clauses about the remuneration paid to the LLP’s partners to qualify for a tax deduction,

有限责任合伙公司(LLP)合伙人的征税与私人有限公司(Sdn Bhd)股东的征税类似,他们都不需要对从有限责任合伙公司(LLP)所获得的分红或在私人有限公司(Sdn Bhd)所收到的股息纳税。

然而,如果有限责任合伙公司(LLP)或私人有限公司(Sdn Bhd)雇佣了LLP合伙人或股东,他们的薪酬,如工资和奖金,则应与普通员工一样纳税。

需要记住的是,有限责任合伙公司(LLP) 协议中需要包括关于支付给有限责任合伙公司(LLP) 合伙人的薪酬的条款,以符合扣税的要求。

Returns to Owners | 拥有者的回报


Arguably, the first condition for the structure of a “successful” business is limited liability.

Without this protection against failure, many businesses would not take unpredictable business risks to succeed.

If this is the case, then the decision about the appropriate business structure is simple: do you want to form a LLP or a Sdn Bhd?

Let’s assume that everyone has entirely read this post and paid attention to the considerations and explanations we highlighted above. In this case, I’m sure anyone can quickly determine which option is most suitable and meets their requirements.

On the other hand, if any activity-driven criteria need to be taken into consideration, professionals can be consulted.


可以说,”成功 “企业结构的首要条件是有限责任。


如果是这样的话,那么关于适当的商业结构的决定就很简单了:你想成立一个有限责任合伙公司 [LLP] 还是一个私人有限公司 [Sdn Bhd]?



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