Guidelines for the Transition of changes in Service Tax Rates

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The Guidelines on Transition of Changes in Service Tax Rates provide guidance on the application of old and new service tax rates during the transitional period when the standard rate increases from 6% to 8% effective 1 March 2024.


The Guidelines aim to facilitate understanding of the determination of the applicable service tax rate, especially for services spanning the effective date of the rate change. It outlines the key rules and principles that should be followed.

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The guidelines cover the concepts and criteria for applying the old 6% or new 8% rate based on when taxable services are provided or imported.

For locally provided services, the date of service provision determines the rate.

For imported services, the earlier of payment date or invoice receipt date determines the tax point.

Apportionment of rates applies if services stretch across the effective date.

Examples illustrate mixed payments and services spanning the transition.

Special cases include betting/gaming services and answered questions.


In summary, the guidelines detail the transitional rules for implementing the increased 8% service tax rate from 1 March 2024, guiding registered persons on rate determinations in various scenarios during the changeover period based on set criteria and illustrated examples. This facilitates proper accounting of service tax liabilities.


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