Customs (Amendment) Regulations 2024

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The Customs (Amendment) Regulations 2024 [P.U (A) 53/2024] amends the Customs Regulations 2019 to gazette the Terengganu Silica Port in Setiu, Terengganu as a new customs port and legal landing place for all goods.

This amendment inserts the Terengganu Silica Port, Setiu, into the First Schedule Part II to specify its location and working hours.

It also inserts the Terengganu Silica Port into the Second Schedule Part I on customs ports to legally designate the geographical boundaries of its wharf area where goods can be landed.

In effect, this opens up the Terengganu Silica Port for importing and exporting goods by allowing it to operate as an entry point for customs clearance and cargo handling.

Companies shipping goods there can follow customs regulations when the port commences operations on 22 February 2024.

In conclusion, the Customs (Amendment) Regulations 2024 formally endorses the new Terengganu Silica Port as a customs port and landing area for goods in line with customs requirements.

This facilitates trade through the port by enabling customs supervision and procedures for goods there. We encourage readers to download the Customs (Amendment) Regulations 2024 by clicking the attachment below for a comprehensive look at the contents:-

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