3 – Who Must Comply with the Unclaimed Moneys Act 1965

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Unclaimed Money Act 1965 – Who Must Comply – PDF

1. 据报道,2019年,马来西亚人没有认领的钱超过87.5亿令吉,这是一笔不小的数目!但这并不意味着这些钱不存在。

2. 1965年无人认领款项法令非常明确地规定,以下实体必须遵守:

👉 根据1965年公司法令和2016年新公司法令成立的公司,也包括外国公司

👉 任何为管理雇员公积金、养老金计划或任何其他与退休福利有关的基金而设立的委员会

👉 根据任何与社团或合作社有关的成文法注册的所有社团和合作社

👉 所有企业、公共机构和工会

👉 所有为开展业务而联合起来的非法人团体,例如:合伙企业

👉 也包括有限责任合伙公司 (LLP)


1. According to reports, the amount of money that Malaysians did not claim in 2019 was over RM8.75 billion, which is a significant sum of money!

2. The Unclaimed Money Act 1965 makes it very clear that the following entities must comply:

👉 Companies, including foreign companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1965, and the new Companies Act 2016

👉 Any Board established to manage employees provident fund superannuation schemes or any other fund relating to retirement benefits

👉 All societies and co-operative societies registered under any written law relating to societies or to co-operative societies

👉 All corporations, public authorities, and trade unions

👉 All unincorporated bodies of a person(s) associated together for the purpose of carrying on business

👉 Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) as well

1. 根据《1965年无人认领款项法令》(1989年修订版):

👉 第10(1)条文阐明: 每家拥有无人认领款项的公司或企业,应在其马来西亚的主要办事处或营业地点,按照无人认领秘书处规定的格式,保存一份所有无人认领款项的登记册。

👉 第10(1)条文阐明: 公司或企业应每年不迟于3月的最后一天,将登记册的副本提交到秘书长的办公室。登记册应包含截至前一年12月最后一天仍未支付的所有无人认领款项的细节,以及登记册中所报告的所有无人认领款项。

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1. According to the Unclaimed Moneys Act 1965 (Revised 1989):

👉 Section 10(1) Every company or firm with unclaimed money shall maintain a register of all unclaimed money in the form prescribed by the Registrar at its principal office or place of business in Malaysia.

👉 Section 10(2) The company or firm shall lodge a copy of the register with the Registrar at his office annually, not later than the last day of March. The register shall contain particulars of all unclaimed money that remained unpaid as of the last day of December of the previous year, as well as all unclaimed monies reported in the register.

2. A company or firm that fails to comply with shall be charged with an offence.

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