7 – Labour Court Proceedings

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Labour Court Proceedings – PDF

1. The procedure for filing a complaint with the labour courts is informal and reasonably straightforward. I benefited from the opportunity to observe the Subang Jaya labour court’s hearing rooms and learn about how this quasi-judicial function is performed.

2. When a person files a formal complaint with the Labour Department about non-compliance with the Employment Act or a clause in the Employment Contract with monetary implications, the other party involved will be summoned to the Department for an interview in order to determine whether or not he/she is liable for the claim.

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1. 向劳工法庭提交投诉的程序是非正式的,而且相当直截了当。我受益于有机会观察梳邦再也劳工法庭的听证室,并了解这种准司法职能是如何履行的。

2. 当一个人就不遵守《1955年劳工法令》或雇佣合约中涉及金钱的条款向劳工部提出正式投诉时,涉及的另一方将被传唤到劳工部进行面谈,以确定他/她是否对索赔负责。

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Essential Legal Knowledge for the Workplace

1. Malaysian Labour Law and Dispute Resolution System


2. The Employment Act 1955 [1955 年劳工法令]

3. Industrial Relations Act 1976 [1976 年劳资关系法令]

4. Labour Department [劳工部]

5. The function of the Department of Industrial Relations [劳资关系部的职能]

6. Jurisdiction and Powers of the Courts – Labour Courts

[法院的管辖权和权力 – 劳工法庭]

7. Labour Court Proceedings


8. Responsibility of Labour Officers


9. What cases can be brought to the Labour Court – 1

[哪些案件可以提交到劳工法庭 – 1]

10. What cases can be brought to the Labour Court – 2

[哪些案件可以提交到劳工法庭 – 2]

11. What cases can be brought to the Labour Court – 3

[哪些案件可以提交到劳工法庭 – 3]

12. What can be done against Employees who are Absent Without Permission


13. Can a party at the Labour Court be represented by a Lawyer or Other Person?

[劳动法庭的当事人 能否由律师或其他人员代表?]



1. 2021年劳工(修正)法案 [The Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021]


Employment and Staff Handbook Policies / 员工手册系列篇


All of the samples presented here are offered solely for educational reasons.

Please keep in mind that, even if the information supplied is practical, there is no assurance as to its correctness or legality. Visitors from all over the world come to our website to read the articles, and each company is unique. Consequently, # it is equally important to check with a lawyer or human resources professional to verify that your legal interpretations and judgments are accurate for your current circumstance].

The employer is highly urged to have the policy examined by a lawyer before it is distributed to employees if the policy has legal ramifications, is inherently litigious, or has a personal impact on employees (e.g., security protocols).

Communicate with your lawyer and have the lawyer analyse the legal ramifications and suitable language of the policy.

免责声明 –


✅ 请注意,所提供的信息虽然实用,但不保证其准确性和合法性。 此网站由世界各地的读者阅读,每家公司的情况都不一样。因此,#同样也建议向您的律师或HR顾问咨询,以确保您的法律解释和决定对您当下的状况是正确的]。

✅ 如果政策具有法律影响,本质上就具有诉讼性,对员工有个人影响(如安全程序),用人单位在分发政策之前,强烈建议让律师审查政策。

✅ 确保你与你的律师沟通,让律师审查政策的法律含义和适当的措辞。

1. Employment and Staff Handbook Policies [员工手册]


2. Remuneration [薪酬政策]


3. No Smoking Policy [禁止吸烟政策]


4. Drugs Policy [药品政策]


5. Alcohol Policy [酒精政策]


6. Severe Weather and Disruption to Public Transport Policy [天气恶劣和公共交通中断政策]


7. Environmental Policy [环境政策]


8. Communications, Email, and Internet Policy [通讯电子邮件和互联网政策 ]


9. Whistleblowing Policy [举报政策 ]


10. Social Media Policy [社交媒体政策]


11. Communications, Email, Internet Policy, and Social Media Policy [通讯电子邮件互联网政策和社交媒体政策]


12. Company Car Policy [公司车政策]


13. Private Car Allowance Policy [私家车补贴政策]


14. Emergency Leave for Care of Dependants Policy [照顾家属的紧急假政策]


15. Employee Search Policy [工作人员搜查政策]


16.Dress and Appearance Policy [着装政策]


17. Personal Relationships at Work Policy [职场人际关系政策]


18. Outside Business Interests Policy [公司外的商业利益政策]


19. Time Off for Medical and Dental Appointments Policy [医疗和牙科预约政策]


20. Staff Retention Policy [员工保留政策]


21. Compassionate Leave Policy [恩恤休假政策]


22. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy [员工自携电子设备政策]


23. Mobile Phone Use Policy [手机使用政策]


24. Political Activity in the Workplace Policy [工作场所中政治活动政策 ]


25. Work-related Social Events Policy [与工作相关的社交活动政策]


26. Policy on Religious Observance in the Workplace [工作场所的宗教信仰政策]


27. Notice Periods Policy [通知期限政策]


28. Retirement Policy [退休政策]



Employee Resignation or Termination of Employment Series


1. Staff Termination and Resignation: Acknowledgement of Resignation [辞职确认]


2. Staff Termination and Resignation: Exit Interview Form [辞职面试表格]


3. Staff Termination and Resignation: Termination of Employment [解除合约]


4. Staff Termination and Resignation: Termination of Employment without Settlement Agreement [作出赔偿的合约解除]


5. Staff Termination and Resignation: Letter Placing an Employee on Garden Leave following Resignation [员工辞职或雇佣合约终止: 雇员辞职后休花园假的信函]


6. Staff Termination and Resignation: Letter Enclosing a Settlement Agreement [员工辞职或雇佣合约终止: 附带和解协议的信函]


7. 员工辞职或雇佣合约终止: 终止雇用检查表 [Staff Termination and Resignation: Termination of Employment Checklist]


8. 雇主指导说明: 退休人员处理 [Guidance Notes for Employers: Handling Retirements]


9. Staff Retirements – Notification of Intended Retirement Date [雇员退休计划通知]


10. Staff Retirements – Acknowledgement of Retirement [雇员退休确认书]


11. Staff Retirements – Deed of Variation – Retirement Clause [变更契约 — 退休条款]


12. Employees Who Resign Without Notice [员工不告而别,老板能怎样?]


13. Employers – Employees Labour Disputes in Peninsular [注意,雇主也是可以去劳工部告员工的]


14. Dismissing Employees In Malaysia [在马来西亚,关于员工解雇]


15. [The difference between an employee leaving within 3 months and around 2 years is more than you can imagine! [员工3个月内和2年左右离职,差别超乎你的想象!]

16. Statutory Minimum Wages – Why Pay Raise is Important? [法定最低工资 – 为什么加薪很重要]


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