What is not an e-invoice

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In Malaysia, the term “e-invoice” refers to the government’s electronic invoicing system, which it implemented to simplify and digitise business invoicing procedures.

“To create an e-invoice, you need to send your invoice to LHDN to get their validation and an embedded QR code.”

Please take note that converting your existing invoice into a PDF or JPEG format does not transform it into an e-invoice.


“要创建电子发票,您需要将发票发送至 LHDN,以获取他们的验证和嵌入式 QR 码。”


Facebook Live on e-invoicing


Attachments | 附件:

e-invoice Guideline version 2.1 | 电子发票指南 [ 2.1 版本] – 28.10.2023

e-invoice Specific Guideline version 1.1 | 电子发票具体指南 [ 1.1 版本] – 28.10.2023

e-Invoice Catalogue | 电子发票目录 – 12.10.2023

e-invoice Guideline version 2.0 | 电子发票指南 [ 2.0 版本] – 29.9.2023

e-invoice Specific Guideline version 1.0 | 电子发票具体指南 [ 1.0 版本] – 29.9.2023

e-Invoice Catalogue | 电子发票目录 – 29.9.2023

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