Customs (Prohibition of Imports)(Amendment) Order 2024

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The Customs (Prohibition of Imports) (Amendment) Order 2024 amends the Customs (Prohibition of Imports) Order 2023, which regulates the prohibition and control of imports into Malaysia.

The Order makes two key amendments:

  1. It updates the ministry responsible for issuing import licenses for certain controlled goods, changing it from the “Ministry of International Trade and Industry” to the “Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry” across Parts I, II and III of the Second Schedule. This reflects the recent merger of these ministries in the Malaysian government.
  2. It expands the list of metal waste and scrap items subject to import control under item 5 in Part I of the Fourth Schedule. An additional 21 specific metal scrap items are now designated as prohibited imports except under special license. The expanded list provides more comprehensive coverage of metal waste and scrap imports.

Overall, the amendments update regulatory overseers and widen the scope of controlled metal waste and scrap imports in alignment with current governmental and regulatory objectives.

The changes reinforce import restrictions to protect the environment, public health and security.


Customs (Prohibition of Imports) (Amendment) Order 2024

Customs (Prohibition of Imports) Order 2023

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