Capital Market Masterplan 3: A Strategic Framework for Malaysia’s Capital Market Growth

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Capital Market Masterplan 3 (‘CMP3’) – Reference

1. The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) announced the release of the third Capital Market Masterplan (CMP3), which will serve as a strategic framework for Malaysia’s capital market growth over the next five years on 21 September 2021.

2. The capital market is critical in assisting the economy’s structural improvement and fostering a more inclusive society.

3. The Capital Market Masterplan 3 (CMP3) prepares the way for a greater segment of the public to participate in the nation’s long-term, productive growth, as well as the broader accumulation of wealth for everybody.


1. 马来西亚证券委员会(SC)于2021年9月21日发布第三个资本市场总体规划(CMP3),该规划将作为马来西亚资本市场未来五年发展的战略框架。

2. 资本市场在协助经济结构改善和促进一个更包容的社会方面至关重要。

3. 资本市场总体规划 3(CMP3)为参与国家的长期、生产性增长的公众准备了渠道,以便为每个人进行更广泛的财富积累。

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