FAQs on the implementation of Tax Identification Number, TIN

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1. As a strategy to increase tax compliance while broadening the tax base, Malaysians over the age of 18 and business entities will be issued a TIN, which is similar to the procedure in many other countries.

2. The Income Tax Act 1967 (“the Act”) accordingly added a new section, section 66A, to give effect to this proposal in the earlier Budget.

3. This new provision requires that all individuals who are assessable and liable for tax, or who are required to file tax returns, or citizens aged 18 and above, obtain a TIN from the Director-General of Inland Revenue (DGIR).

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1. 作为一项在扩大税基的同时,也提高税收合规性的战略,年满18岁的马来西亚人和商业实体将会获得一个纳税人识别号码 (简称为“TIN”),程序上与许多其他国家相似。

2. 而1967年的《所得税法令》(“法案”)也因此而增加一个新的条文,那就是第66A条文,以落实早前财政预算案的这项提案。 3. 此新条文要求所有以下人士在税收局总监 (DGIR) 处获取一个纳税人识别号码:

👉 应纳税和有义务纳税的人士,或

👉 需要报税的人士,或 👉 18岁及以上的公民。 4. 加入我们的 Telegram 群



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