Today, CCS took ESG by storm!

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🌟 [CCS – Chartered Accountants Internal Training] 🌟

We organised an internal training on the “ESG-Related Tax Incentives” theme, which provided an in-depth analysis of the importance of environmental, social and corporate governance to enterprises.

The ESG framework is the key to corporate social responsibility and the focus of the investment community. Under this framework, companies can win investors’ favour by enhancing their sustainability and social responsibility performance.

The Malaysian government has proposed tax incentives to incentivise companies to participate actively in ESG.

These 3 hours of in-house training were organised to provide CCS’s Tax team with a deep understanding of the close relationship between ESG and tax.

The participation of senior management demonstrated the company’s recognition of the importance of ESG.

The training not only gave us a deeper understanding of what ESG is all about, but also provided our team with the opportunity to seek tax advantages.

By offering tax incentives, the government is providing a viable path for companies to engage in ESG, and CCS will respond positively as we move towards an ESG future together! ✨

Stay tuned as CCS continues to achieve more in the ESG arena and contribute to the cause of sustainable development!

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🌟 【CCS内部培训】 🌟

今天,CCS 掀起了一场 ESG 的风暴!我们举办了一场以”ESG-Related Tax Incentives”为主题的内部培训,深度剖析了环境、社会和公司治理对企业的重要性。

ESG 框架不仅是企业履行社会责任的关键,更成为了投资界关注的焦点。在这个框架下,企业可通过提升可持续发展、履行社会责任等方面的表现,为自己赢得投资者的青睐。

为了激励企业积极参与 ESG,马来西亚政府提出了税务优惠的奖励措施。为了让 CCS 的 Tax 团队深刻理解 ESG 与税务的紧密关系,我们举办了这场内部培训。

高级管理层亲自参与,展示了公司对 ESG 重要性的高度认可。

这场 3 小时的培训不仅让我们更深入地了解 ESG 的实质,也为我们的团队提供了在税务方面寻求优势的机会。

通过提供税务奖励,政府为企业参与 ESG 提供了一条可行之路,而 CCS 将积极响应,共同走向 ESG 的未来!✨

敬请期待 CCS 在 ESG 领域持续取得更多成就,为可持续发展事业贡献我们的力量!

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